Youmna Zod: Only in Lebanon: The abuse of public property

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This could only be Lebanon. Where else would people so ingenuously disregard the line between public and private property?

Not only do they use the road signs to hang their logos, I am assuming they do it without requesting permission nor paying fees for this ‘advertising medium’. Or at least I would like to think so.
Had they actually been granted permission to do this I would be dazzled. I can already read the headline in my head ‘public property legally abused’. (I admit, that would have been a more interesting title for this post.)

The end…

Or at least this was supposed to be the end of this post. Then, something fun happened.

The very same evening when I first wrote this post, I passed by the same sign, only to find that it had been replaced…

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  1. Fadi says:

    All exaggeration aside (“only in Lebanon”?), I’m pretty sure that chances are the municipality is cashing in on this. I’m not saying that makes it right: Road signs and advertisements should be distinguishable, which clearly isn’t the case on many of Lebanon’s roads. However given the lack of accountability, and need for municipalities to sometimes generate extra revenue, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if all this “creative advertisement” is done, for lack of a better term, legally.

  2. I don’t quite adhere to the title of this blog post, although allegedly it is mine, the post that is, I had another title “when public property becomes too public” somehow when LBC Blogs posted it, they changed it.

    (you could actually understand that this is not the post’s title as I state later on that “that would have been a more interesting title for this post”.)

    As for the ‘only in Lebanon’- it is a category on my blog where that post would have fit in. I wouldn’t have added it to the title though.

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