Women…Lebanon’s Untouchables

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The term “untouchables” in modern culture may give out the impression of strength, immortality and an unattainable superiority. A superiority so “super” that nothing can penetrate, hurt, or soil the person wearing that description. While that is mostly due to Brian De Palma’s 1987 uber macho crime film, little does our “modern culture” realize, that the term “untouchable” existed long before De Palma’s film. The term was used to define India’s caste system which placed cleaners at the bottom of the class hierarchy, deeming them literally as “untouchable”. India has long since moved on from that mind-set, yet here we are, in 21st century Lebanon, the “Switzerland of the Middle East”, placing our cleaners at the bottom of the “food chain”. It may not be women’s day, but another domestic worker committed suicide today. Her body was found in Jbeil. We dedicate this blog to her.

(Photo credit should read RAMZI HAIDAR/AFP/Getty Images)

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