UPDATE + ANSWER: What is going to happen at 4pm today in Beirut?

Published on: May 29, 2013
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Social media enthusiasts are all currently posting the same question, “what is going to happen at 4pm today in Beirut?”

On the 4pm mark the following was published:

Eight prominent bloggers from the Lebanese online scene are launching a virtual mock electoral campaign in retaliation to what they say is the mockery of an entire nation.

The bloggers Hanin al-Siddique, Ali Fakhri, Salim al-Lawzi, Imad Bazzi, Zeinab Abdul Satter, Omar Kabul, Fakher Salameh and Mahmoud Ghzayyel are behind this virtual campaign.

Tweeps, bloggers, facebookers are encouraged to visit the website www.intekhabet.com or otherwise tweet under the hashtag:

#Sell_Myself #Abi3_Nafsi

The slogan of their campaign roughly translated as: Up to our knees in democracy or Lan Nkhali el Democratiyeh Tusal Lal Rikkab

For more details, click here .

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