To Assir or not to Assir, that is the question

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Lately across many Lebanese outlets, its been Assir said this, Assir said that….As though Lebanon needed another preaching hero… well we wont go on speaking our own when it comes to the religious cleric, but instead have collected random opinions from the Lebanese Twitter-sphere…enjoy and let us know what your comments are regarding this.

Our question of the day is: Freedom of speech, when does it become a curse rather than a blessing?

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  1. theFool says:

    Cooperation of Al-Assir would help. RT @ lbci_news_en : : State must assume its duties and control security. — Lebanese InnerCircle (@TheInnerCircle) June 28, 2012

  2. Amira says:

    This guy should be getting no attention!! How in the world does he think this is going to help things move along! It’s so frustrating to see him try to resolve things in such an ignorant matter! And he dares to make comparisons to Egypt , he really should be put away from the public eye. We have enough crazies to deal with.

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