The MTV hoax that backfired – update

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We have just been informed via well trusted sources a piece of information that may prove worrisome to the future of news making and journalism as a whole.

The prank that MTV pulled off on April 1st, which left several families in a state of panic upon the channel issuing a “Breaking News” headline saying that several fishermen had mysteriously disappeared at sea, was done in coordination with the Internal Security Forces, who did just that; confirming to LBCI that the sea rescue unit of the Civil Defense was conducting a search and rescue operation as families called in to ask of further information on the incident.

If you are not aware of the prank that MTV pulled off on April Fools’ day then please refer to this blog and read the entire story.

I do not know what to make of this really but never would I have thought that I would one day write about how our own Internal Security Forces collaborated with a television to spread a hoax across news platforms.

‘Tis a sad, sad thing indeed when you think of all the constructive things they could’ve been doing instead. But then again, c’est Liban.

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