About us

LBC Blogs is a fresh initiative by LBCI , that came as a breakthrough after making a few changes to the way we present the news at LBCI.
We wanted to shift from news being a monologue towards building a greater dialogue between LBCI and the public. How does LBC Blogs achieve this?
  • We created a high-visibility platform for written contributions (in English or Arabic) from bloggers, activists or anyone willing to share something they feel isn’t given enough attention by the mainstream media in Lebanon. This is your chance to be published and make your voice heard.
  • We work closely with each contributor and coordinate with LBCI newsroom staff to bring the most compelling stories to a wider audience by featuring a report on the issue during the LBCI evening news bulletin. Imagine your ideas and your post broadcasted to LBCI viewers around the globe.
If you want to be part of the news-making process, submit your post today
We want the news to inspire change.
We want you to  inspire change with us.
News is Monologue, Contribute & Create the Dialogue.
Send us your contribution to [email protected]

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