Lebanon marks World Day against the Death Penalty

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As the world marks the International Day against the Death Penalty on October 10th, debates rise once again. However I for once will not debate. This topic is beyond me and I’m not sure how I feel about it just yet. I mean I can claim to be “all human rightsy” up until someone rapes/tortures/maims a loved one or even me…

One thing I am sure of though, keeping such offenders locked up for life maybe worse than the death penalty itself – but on the other hand it is a burden on taxpayers everywhere.

So…instead of thinking out loud a myriad of thoughts and opinions, I thought I would share with you a collection of various points of view on the topic. First off, a campaign that took place right here today in Beirut where civil rights activists protested at Mathaf in hopes that their voice would be heard by Lebanese officials.


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  1. Raneem says:

    Nadine as you already know i’m against death penalty for so many reasons but the most important two reasons are that killing in the name of justice is just killing, the act of killing is the same. Second, even the best judge in the world can never be so sure about his verdict, and “the life of david gale” movie proves it.
    I just wanted to add one slight info which is that the cost of chemicals used to shut a convicted’s body off is a lot more expensive than feeding him for the rest of his life.
    Also, if the purpose of death penalty to decrease crime levels, it has been proven that it doesn’t.
    And last but not least, taking someone’s freedom is a bigger punishment than taking his life, because -if we want prison to be a pinishment factor not reform factor- believe me that the convicted’s sufferance would me much bigger behind the bars.

    • lbcblog says:

      Good points there Ranim and well noted! Like the blog says I for once couldnt really make up my mind in those regards, but I really like your argument, you may have just one me over to your side…

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