Lebanese Parliament, hang your head in SHAME

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Snapshot of members of the Civil Campaign for Electoral Reform minutes before the attack

A number of civil rights activists took to the streets of Downtown Beirut today and stood hand in hand before the house of Parliament. Who would’ve thought that such a peaceful demonstration, a show of civilized activism would be met by such Stone Age barbarism?

Lebanese parliament hang your head in SHAME! For inside those pristine walls sit the scumbag of this earth who never had to work a day in their lives, who sit on chairs of velvet as tyrants do, who rule over a people in an endless charade of false elections and rigged results.

If the Lebanese people really did have one ounce of belief in the value of their vote, none of you clowns would even have a job today, let alone your mafia’s aka security apparatuses.

Physically challenged people were among the demonstrators but that mattered not, the LAW had to be enforced today. And what law is that?? The law of the jungle, the law of your jungle. Did those people on clutches and wheelchairs ignite fear of the loss of power in your hearts that you had to send an “army” on to them???

If there is a God, I do hope that you will be punished for those acts, if there isn’t then I will pray that one be created just for the sake of fashioning a special place in hell for the likes of you. SHAME!

To support these activists in their campaign, like their facebook page on: http://www.facebook.com/CCERLeb