Human Rights in a not so Human World

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So…today marks the international day for human rights… I’m not sure what that means in today’s not so human world. I just passed by a man sleeping under a bridge, kids running amok begging on the streets underneath the pouring rain and also just to bring it closer to home, met a journalist with 36 years of experience under his belt facing an eviction notice. He happens to be in his late sixties and worth about $600 a month.

So…again please if anyone out there reading this can tell me what human rights mean, let them do so as I have yet to experience them or at least witness some examples in today’s day and age.

I don’t want to say much on the topic, it’ll be too bitter. So I just collected some random tweets. The irony may just dab a bit of soothing sarcasm on the wound.

In the bottom you’ll find the first ten articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with an example depicting the exact opposite underneath. I’ve reserved it to Lebanon, lest I not trespass the “human rights” of other countries and be deemed a hypocrite. We have been exemplary as Lebanese in the field of hypocrisy, nay excelled in this regard.

Tomorrow is another day, and maybe then we can get back to discussing our daily pseudo-intellectual  “non-flimsy” matters without the pressure of our failing humanness weighing heavily on our backs.


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