Free Hugs? Or eternal damnation #Saida

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A recent article has surfaced on Lebanese site denouncing a “free hugs” campaign launched by members of the City’s youth around the local shopping center. In the article, the writer seems to criminalize the campaigners, calling them “immoral” and “cheap”. For my part, I salute these youngsters for their symbolic attempt at breaking the city’s habit or even extremist reputation. I salute these young men and women for standing up for their beliefs even when they are being labeled with the lowest of slogans by illiterate individuals or should I say “sheeple”. Stay strong loving ones, and may your message of peace reverberate outside the “narrow gates” of Saida to overtake a country so much in need of peace, love, understanding and well…hugs.

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First some tweeps on the issue:

Some of the comments on the site:

Let’s support this movement, all youngsters that can create “Free Hugs” placards, do so and then share your pictures with us. We will in turn share them in solidarity with Sidon’s hug-spreading youth.

Just one question runs through my mind to all the opposers of this campaign, is this the picture you prefer as a representation to your city?


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