Femen; Warriors in the nude

Published on: July 26, 2012
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It isn’t everyday that we hear of naked women hurling their bodies at men of the cloth, or at least not painted in death threats. This is what happened today in Kiev, as one activist, who belongs to the ‘infamous’ FEMEN feminist group, launched herself at a Russian Orthodox Church’s leader to protest alleged anti-Ukrainian policies by the church and the Kremlin.

She managed to get a meter (yard) within Patriarch Kirill at Kiev’s airport Thursday, but was stopped by a security guard and a priest.

The woman had the words “Kill Kirill” written on her back in large black letters and shouted “Kirill, go to hell!” She was briefly detained but released without charges.

Here’s the picture to prove it!

Here are some more photos of this daring, and highly “feared” feminist group.


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