Contribution: Is The World Ending Today? The Truth behind the Mayan Prophecy

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21 December 2012 has been the subject of endless speculations all over the world. The date which marks the end of the complex calendar created by the Mayans, has attracted enthusiasts from different fields; scientists , writers, new age spiritual figures and religious fanatics creating a buzz over what seems to be a normal day …so far! So what’s the hassle all about?!

The Mayan Calendar:

Among their many accomplishments, the Mayans created calendars, carved in stone and marking several cycles and dates of astonishing complexity and accuracy!

According to Carl Johann Calleman, A Swedish scientist, The Calendar marks nine creation cycles or nine Levels of consciousness. What makes these calendars so different from other more conventional ones is that they reflect the evolution of human consciousness in the cosmos, not just the physical one.

The cycles

The very first cycle started 16.4 billion years ago. This whole cycle is divided into 13 sections, each one of them 1.26 billion years long starting around the same time that scientists believe the “Big Bang” occurred. A day in this cycle, according to the Mayans was 1¼ billion years, and each night lasted 1¼ billion years

The Cellular Cycle : At the end of this cycle, marking its seventh day 1.26 billion years ago, The first Cells appeared on the planet.

The Mammalian Cycle : Its end marked the first births or duplication of cells on Earth.

The Familial Cycle : When primates started grouping up forming clans or what we today call, families.

The Tribal Cycle : During this Cycle, primates began to use the mind as a major survival tool.

The Cultural Cycle : By the End of this cycle, we supposedly learned agriculture

The National Cycle : This is when the very first societies emerged and laws were written.

The Planetary Cycle : Marking a revolution in communication AKA “the Internet”

The Galactic Cycle : or Ethical Era, because we started knowing more about how the universe functions, world leaders dirty deeds emerge and  population start refusing oppression.

The Universal Cycle : Starting February 2011 ending on 2012 Winter solstice or 21rst of December 2012! This Cycle, according to the Maya, is all about conscious Co-Creation or the ability to reach a higher level of consciousness and awareness enabling us to take control of our destinies and to reach higher universal truths!

Doomsday Theories and their relation to the Mayan Cycles

Throughout the years, many “End of days” theories emerged. Some said the year 2000 was going to be the end, people even committed mass suicide! Every Solar or Lunar eclipse is another booster for endless rumors about meteors hitting the earth, galactic misalignment and even Zombie Attacks!

Mayan Elders Have refuted these theories and in an attempt to set the record straight, stated that the 21rst of December, the world AS WE KNOW it will end, and a new era will begin. This Rebirth means that humanity will continue to exist in a different form, in a form allowing us to free ourselves from the shackles of limitations and start looking at the universe from a new perspective.


Upon the statements of the Elders, many New Age theorists started bombarding us with theories of “Human ascension to a higher plane”.

According to new age spirituality advocates, today is the day we become “MASTERS” , Gurus, Mahatmas and other forms of highly enlightened beings. Thousands of books and articles were published around the subject of accompanying the “Big Shift” and embracing enlightenment. 21 December is here and we are still waiting for the shift to hit the fan.

So is The Calendar marking the big end or the big shift, is the Universal Cycle the last era or did the scribe run out of stone before finishing the cycles? Will we ever know? “The Only True Wisdom is knowing that you know nothing!” Said Socrates. No one can actually tell what is about to happen, whether on the 21st of December or not, which leaves room for only one truth. What you believe is true for you, and all things are a matter of perception.

Happy Winter Solstice….

Contribution by:  Elise Bou Malham

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