CONTRIBUTION: Astrological Predictions for the year 2013

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For the first time, in a row, and exclusively through LBC Blogs and all publishing homes, the 2013 predictions of Astrologer Maroun Sr. [all of which will come true]

Myriam Klink will release a new song: “Denver, my lovely dinosaur”

Saad Hariri will delete Mikati off his Twitter account

Future TV to change its name to “Future Conditional Tv”

FPM to nominate Super Mario for the Metn elections

Sheikh Ahmad Assir to form a Black metal band with Fadl Shaker called: Dimu Takbeer

Mohammad Iskandar to release a song: “Avec les harims je ne sais pas,quand il faut battre ou quand il faut pas’’

Mar Elias el-Hayy to be promoted to Mar Elias el-Manataqa

A wealth of Bonjus to be explored in Lebanon’s sea, tenders for straws to be launched throughout Europe

Jarras Magazine to expose that Egypt’s pyramids were merely Phoenician attempts to enter the Guiness book of records for the biggest Bonjus

Okab Sakr and the Tatra Cow to divorce: “He used me!”

Governor of Lebanon’s Central Bank Riad Salameh will honor Lebanon’s name by winning the Miss World Pageant and Miss Personality

Lebanese elections to be held according to Chantale Goya’s law and district divisions:





Les Mickeys

Arc en ciel

Sabah to release the single: “Dontcha wish your grandma was old like me ‘’

A dispute between Beethoven and Rotana on the backdrop of filming a video for his famous song “TATATATAAAAAAAAAAAA” aka “Symphony no 9”

Dunkin employees cut off roads and burn donuts

A number of Devil Worshippers to protest against Satan for failing to register them in the social security scheme

And finally………..drum rolls please……………

My co-astrological wizards wish you a deadly terrifying year that would keep you coming back for more wizardry and sorcery! *MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*

As for the LBCBlog team we would like to wish you a sincere Happy New Year, may all the troubles of 2012 wash away opening a path to new found hope and prosperity!

And please…do drive safely, or better off do not drive at all!

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