Choose your favorite Lebanese politician and PRESS PLAY!

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Feeling as though you are being played like a fiddle?

Sick of the Lebanese ruling elite, which at its worst is nothing less than repulsive?

Hopeless? Or maybe even bored with no means of letting out your now rampant frustration?

Don’t go out and burn a tire!  Instead check out this video game and enjoy bashing the bejesus out of those who are responsible for the **** we are in!

The game was developed by two equally frustrated Lebanese developers who in the midst of the May 2007 violence decided to create the game in hopes of turning an otherwise hopeless situation into a “fun night in” as opposed to a “night out on town a-la-burning-tires” style.

Give it a go and while you’re at it, check the other games out. Nothing short of what I’d call true Lebanese innovation.

Kudos to you Wixel Studios!

P.S: Each politician has a super power, or special move! To find out more, check out


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