Beirut’s homeless man needs your help!

Published on: August 30, 2013
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After writing the blog post yesterday on a homeless man who was lying on the streets of Beirut’s Mar Mkhayel, bleeding and with a severe case of gangrene, several good Samaritans responded.

The man who was identified as Roger Dahan was taken to hospital where he is receiving treatment, but he still has a long way to go.

A facebook page has been launched to provide further help for Mr Dahan, please like it to find out if you can help. [ here ]

Even if you don’t have much, as is the case with the below photo’s top commenter, I believe it is vital that we show Mr Dahan and the likes of him as much compassion as we can. The world needs it.

Ahmadsho Othman writes: While I am not financially well off, I would like to take Roger some fruits, is that possible? One day we will all be like Roger. Get well soon.

Ahmadsho’s comments moved something in me so deeply. It demonstrates that even those who have almost nothing to offer still have the most prized human attribute of all: compassion.

Thank you all so much for restoring faith in what it is that we are supposed to be: human beings.

UPDATE: Roger was in a short film a couple of months ago. The film directed by Patricia Beainy depicts the story of his life and how he became homeless on the streets of Beirut. To watch it click on this .

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  1. Karine says:

    How can we help with his living arrangements?

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