Beirut Man Covered in Blood Pleads for Help

Published on: August 29, 2013

This photo was found on social media platforms today posted by Lara Hussein who said:

“This old homeless guy has been lying on the pavement at the end of Mar Mkhayel for 2 hours covered in blood and in the sun. We called the Red Cross, who said no hospital would take him.. We called 112 they said they will see what to do. Nothing so far. His feet have gangrene we cannot lift him. We don’t know what NGO to call. Shame on this country! Please share among each other maybe some authority would feel a sense of humanity and help!”

So we took the liberty to post and share it in hopes that we would spread the word, lest this man remain stranded and not receive the help he so desperately needs.

This is a photo I took a couple of days ago also in Mar Mkhayel. The homeless man just seems to be sleeping on the pavement as people walk by.

Please share this blog and the photo and if you can help please do so.

In the absence of a governmental body with conscience it seems we only have each other.

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  1. nadine says:

    It is really sad to see such incidents happening in Lebanon.I would like to help this man. I could send money to contribute in helping him recover

    • Marcus says:


      You can contact directly any hospital and accompany this poor guy in the Red Cross ambulance. Make sure you have at least 3000USD of cash otherwise the hospital will not let the ambulance come in and leave the victim in the ER.

      If you are really sincere please contact directly the Red Cross.

      Best regards,

  2. Chedded says:

    it’s been said that Mission De Vie took care of him.
    even though it is unacceptable ! damn corrupted country

  3. toufic says:

    Shame on this government! Shame on us all! we live in a farm not a country! all Ministers and Deputies are nothing but Thieves and Hypocrites! they are only brave in talking and good speeches! they fill their pockets and they not care about the poor dying on the streets! Where are we going!?!?!? Shame Shame! They care about security by spreading policemen on the streets while each individuals health security is forgotten! The aged people deserves to die instead of living with suffers in this F***** country!
    We only pay taxes and taxes for the thieves to get satisfied!

  4. Kareen says:

    Did you try Beirut governmental hospital ?

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  7. Ramzy Ghobril says:

    how we can help you can contact me by [email protected]

  8. Mehiar Thomas says:

    Share it on Twitter!

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