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Published on: February 28, 2012
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For some of you this semester is just a couple weeks in, for others (me) it’s close to ending. The common thread is that we are all studying, or at least should be. This list has been with me since my first year of university. I kept adding and removing over time but a couple of the songs have survived throughout the four years.

Amanda Seyfried- Little House
Sara Bareilles – Gravity
Adele – Lovesong
Pete Murray – So beautiful

Boats and Birds – Gregory and the Hawk
Citizen Cope – Keep Askin’
Drake – Over my dead body

Angus and Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane
Comptine d’un autre ete
Zaz- Coeur Volant
James Morisson – I won’t let you go
Don Omar – Angelito
Marcel Khalife – Breeze
Marcel Khalife – Rita
Fairouz – Li Beirut

I hope this makes studying or working flow a little bit easier,
Enjoy xx

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  1. Ezzeddin Hassan says:

    Wow…it’s the first time i go through a list of songs and love every single one! You have great taste in music AA!

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