Ali and Khodor: Political activists or mere vandals?

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The Lebanese Twittersphere has mobilized to protect the freedom of speech of two graffiti artists in Beirut. But are we missing the point?

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  1. Alain says:

    Why are you assuming that Ali and Khoder were “vandalizing” on a private property? They were on Bshara AlKhoury, knowing the area, most probably it’s a public space. This means this is not “vandalism, if I want to go with you first and see it as such, even on private property. Another thing is that you are missing the whole point of graffiti as a political act, in addition to being art- lots of people think of it as a form of artistic expression. In a disgustingly ugly city such as Beirut, any color to this bloc of cement should be appreciated.
    Otherwise, this is good review, MUCH needed in the Lebanese blogging scene.


    • lbcblog says:

      Thanks for your comment, Alain. If they spray painted on public property, my argument still stands. We are ALL the owners of public property and gave them no right to perform any such act there. The fact that it was a political act did not escape me, nor did it escape the arresting authority- I simply wanted to open a discussion around the points that weren’t debated as vigorously. Very happy you read our post and engaged.

      • Alain says:

        I got you and it’s a good discussion on public space (or lack of) and what can we do about it/how can we use it (or not). But i totally disagree on this, graffiti should be all over :) Since no one ever asked us, residents and citizens what do we want in our cities and places (as if anything will be taken into consideration), some people are taking initiative and use it positively (i.e. graffiti), and not building illegal rooftop, or extending an annex shop, or use it as a parking lot. Since we failed collectively at securing at least one public square in the “new” downtown, or take care of anything public, we better leave young engaged citizens do whatever they want be it a political act or just a mere aesthetic initiative.

  2. G . says:

    Self promoting activists is becoming a trend, so called activists of lebanon care more about their publicity than the cause they are working for. Ali and Khoder wanted to be arrested so that they can becoming the social media heroes.

    Social media has destroyed activism, it is not about changing society but it is about getting more followers on twitter. the best people working in rural areas trying to offer much needed services are not the ones of facebook and twitter. beware fake heroes.

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