Lebanon’s counterfeit sanitary pads…nothing new here

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A report recently published by suggested that fake sanitary napkins, which could cause uterine cancer, are being sold in Lebanon.

The daily said it obtained samples of the counterfeit brand-name hygienic products, currently sold on the Lebanese market for LBP 1,500 to 2,250. It said original pads are sold for no less than LBP 2,750.

Photo via assafir.com

Photo via assafir.com

As-Safir claims consumers can clearly tell the product is fake because the boxes’ colors differ from the original ones. Moreover, it said the napkins look dirty and that bleaching products were used to hide the reddish color on the inside of the fake napkins.

In an interview with the daily, the president of the Lebanese Consumers Association Zuhair Berro, said the “products inside the cotton are unhealthy and were probably oxidized due to humidity”. He also said these products could cause allergies and even cancer if repeatedly exposed to the female body.

I don’t really know what’s worse, the fact that such unhealthy and dangerous products are on the market or that there are criminal rings making money from them, with no fear of being busted by authorities.
Funny thing is that even original sanitary napkins currently on the market are unhealthy according to several studies .

There are many natural and organic (100% cotton) sanitary pads, but they are not as popular as conventional napkins, obviously for commercial reasons.

What’s even worse is that sanitary pads are just another product to be added to the long list of counterfeit merchandise currently on the Lebanese market… remember the case of counterfeit drugs , expired meat ? Food for thought!

by Elie Wehbe


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