It’s a dog, no a bunny! It’s Berri’s Dunny!

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It’s a bunny, no it’s a dog, no it’s a dog with bunny ears…

Well whatever it is, it may just be simpler than Speaker Nabih Berri’s new .

According to my interpretation or “weak” attempt at trying to understand the law, Berri’s proposal goes as follows:

64 Christian and Muslim deputies will be elected on the basis of the Orthodox Gathering law, while the remaining 64 deputies will be elected on the basis of the majoritarian system divided upon 26 electoral districts.

The division of districts on which the proportionality representation system will be founded remains to be determined (announced).

This is a classic case of what observers or political followers like to call the “Berri Surprise”, or “Berri’s Rabbit trick”…

Just when all political parties reach a , Berri comes to the “rescue”, adding a dash of the “Berri factor”; a substance only obtainable after one serves 21 years as House Speaker and happens to be as law proficient as the Speaker is!

Well, a little confusion never hurt anybody!

This law/dog/bunny is having an identity crisis but so is the entire country, no?

Well, it seems though I’m not the only one twisting my wits trying to understand it, check out BlogBaladi’s interpretation of the above said law.

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