Fighting another attack of Lebanese propaganda (ba3d fi nes msad2etoun hol)

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Again and again, another list of things that make Lebanon a “special” country….and again it’s full of illogical non sense that we keep telling ourselves because we’re too delusional and arrogant to admit that  we’re useless.

So here’s my response to each idea of propaganda

1.’’ Lebanon has 18 religious communities’’

And 200 000 civil war victims,dead victims that is……..unlike most other countries with 18 religious communities

2. ‘’It has 40 daily newspapers’’

Half of them are owned by one family

3.’’ It has 47 universities’’

None of them is ranked….i know 7 of them anyway…and the rest are a combination of letters  U.A.F.S.L.E.P.

4. ‘’It has over 100 banks (that is banks and not branches of a bank)’’

But we’re poor…..and we borrow money from the bank for plastic surgeries

5. “70% of the students are in private schools”

Proud of your government’s absence eh?

6.’’ 40% of the Lebanese people are Christians (highest percentage rate in all the Arab countries)’’

Yes, the irreligious west and the muslim east care about that…….and what does a highest percentage of Christians mean? Is that like the lowest aids percentage or something?

7. “There’s 1 doctor per 10 people in Lebanon (In Europe & America, there’s 1 doctor per 100 people)”

That’s nice,so doctors are unemployed too…..and we have no orientation for school students who eventually end up in cliché professions….Doctor,Mhandiz,M7eme,Dabit

8.” The name LEBANON appears 75 times in the Old Testament”

That’s impressive because those men who wrote the old testament travelled the world, discovered Australia and Canada and Jupiter and chose to talk about Lebanon….right ?

9. “The name CEDAR (Lebanon’s tree) appears 75 times too in the Old Testament!!”

Most of those times, it was about how cheap we are and how we cut our tree for money…

10. “Beirut was destroyed and rebuilt 7 times (this is why it’s compared to The Phoenix).”

So……we had 7 Solideres ?

11. “There are 4.5 Million Lebanese in Lebanon”

Bayye mkhallaf arb3a…KHODDD

12. “There are around 10 Million Lebanese outside Lebanon! “

That should give you an idea of how nice this country is….no one stays …


1.” Lebanon, the country, was occupied by over 16 countries: Egyptians-Hittites-Assyrians- Babylonians- Persians- Alexander the greats Army- the Roman Empire Byzantine- the Arabian Peninsula-The Crusaders- the Ottoman Empire- Britain-France- Israel- Syria.”

……………That’s too easy, pass

2. “ Byblos (city in Lebanon) is the oldest, continuously living city in the world.”

I like that one

3. “Lebanon’s name has been around for 4,000 yrs non- stop (it’s the oldest country/ nation’s name in the world!)”

The word “shit” has been around for 6000 years :)

4. “Lebanon is the only Arab country that doesn’t have a desert.”

A desert is a natural landscape , it’s not a bad thing you idiots…..World powers like America,China and Australia have deserts w zkett

5. “There are 15 rivers in Lebanon (all of them coming from its own mountains)”

And we’ll have a water problem in 2015, by the way hay w  bla zoghra bl sem3in

6. “Lebanon is one of the most populated countries in its archeological sites, in the world!!!”

Bass ma 7ada menna rayi7 3layoun

7. “The first alphabet was created in Byblos (city in Lebanon)”

Allahhhhh….and no other country has come up with any other invention ?

8. “The only remaining temple of Jupiter (the main Roman god) is in Baalbeck, Lebanon (The City of the Sun)”

Paganism is one the 18 religious communities mazkoura a3lah

9.’’ The name of BYBLOS comes from the BIBLE!!!’’

It’s the other way around 3ayneh,,,,do your homework

10. “Lebanon is the country that has the most books written about it.”

But we don’t read, we just write…this is how we roll niggaz

11.’’Lebanon is the only non-dictatorial country in the Arab world (it has a President!)’’

Dictatorships have presidents too !!!!!!!! but yes you’re right, we have a president who is democratically     elected by…..foreign countries

12. ‘’According to Christianity, Jesus Christ made his 1st miracle in Lebanon, in Sidon (The miracle of Turning water into wine).’’

So not only CNN, but also Jesus thinks we’re the number one destination for partying and drinking alcohol

13. “The Phoenicians (Original People of Lebanon) built the 1st boat, and they were the first to sail ever!”


14. “ Phoenicians also reached America long before Christopher Columbus did.”

They were going to Cyprus, I guess that first boat had good breaks

15. “The 1st law school in the world was built in Lebanon, in Downtown Beirut.”

Ironically , the city was illegally stolen

16. “People say that the cedars were planted by God’s own hands (This is why they’re called “The Cedars of God”, and this is why Lebanon is called “God’s Country on Earth.””

And people say wa2el kfoureh ken y7ebb nawal l zoghbe lamma 3emlo l duo……

That’s it, it’s over, maybe it’s time for us to stop trying to impress foreigners by comparing ourselves to our shitty neighbors …we’re all a joke to them.

Don’t get me worng i’m staying in Lebanon,i love lebanon , i heart Lebanon, i pancreas Lebanon

Contribution by: Maroun Srour

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